Transparency and Climate Action

“Creating is like planning, just cooler.”

Introduction: Revolutionizing Emissions Trading

In the landscape of emissions trading, TRACA stands as a revolutionary force, simplifying access to the voluntary emissions trading market for small climate projects. Our platform, apps, and secure storage of climate inventory data via blockchain enable transparent reporting of climate projects. TRACA is not just a solution; it’s a new standard for the global voluntary emissions market, expanding quality standards regarding social and ecological sustainability beyond the most demanding global standards (Gold Standard, VCS/Verra).

Key Features: Integrating AI, Sensors, and Blockchain

TRACA’s distinctive approach seamlessly integrates AI, sensors, and blockchain. This unique blend eliminates costly certifications, fostering trust in climate projects through inventory, reporting, and public auditing.

Market Focus: Global Reach and Target Audience

TRACA concentrates on the global market for climate protection projects and emission reduction. Our primary target audience for GHG certificates includes SMEs with high, irreducible CO2 footprints, such as the hosting industry. Conventional approaches are often incomprehensible, opaque, and expensive, resulting in a loss of trust in the critical voluntary emissions market.

Addressing Social and Environmental Challenges

TRACA addresses the urgent social and ecological problem of inadequate transparency and voluntary participation by German companies in climate protection projects. Traditional approaches in voluntary emissions trading neglect the needs of small players like farmers and local initiatives, leading to an uneven distribution of environmental responsibility and hindering progress towards global climate goals.

Team: Diverse Skills for a Common Goal

The members of visibleRuhr eG form the foundation of TRACA, bringing diverse skills and experiences to turn the idea into reality. With 83 members (as of Q3/2023) from various business sectors, our collective commitment emphasizes broad support and the collective desire to make a positive impact on the environment. The conceptual and strategic project development, along with significant networking efforts, are led by Katja and Oliver, both members of the board of visibleRuhr eG.

Achievements/Status: Progress and Future Steps

TRACA has made significant strides, with the platform and inventory app in development, and clear goals for the next steps. The idea, initiated by members of visibleRuhr eG, has been consistently supported by the board, indicating a solid foundation and a broad network. Additional supporters and partners have been secured in Germany, Nepal and Bangladesh.

The current focus for the TRACA team is securing the seed funding, facilitated through grants, investments, repayable donations, and certificate sales. Simultaneously, existing partnerships are being nurtured and expanded.

The components of TRACA are:

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Be the Change with TRACA

As we delve into the transformative realm of “Transparency and Climate Action” with TRACA, we invite all forward-thinking SMEs looking to offset their carbon footprint and global climate projects interested in our innovative inventory platform to join hands in the journey towards sustainability.

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Offset Your Impact: Small and medium-sized enterprises, take the first step toward a greener future by exploring how TRACA can help you offset your carbon footprint seamlessly.

Global Climate Projects: If you’re part of a climate initiative anywhere in the world, discover how our platform can bring transparency and efficiency to your project’s inventory management.

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