TRACA in relation to cash flow

TRACA in relation to cash flow

TRACA diverges from traditional cash flow models in voluntary emissions trading by introducing a groundbreaking approach. Our system calculates GHG offsets on a semi-annual basis, utilizing detailed information about climate items. Whether it’s a tree of a specific type, size and age in a particular location, TRACA drills down to precise GHG offset calculations. These calculations are climate project-specific, evolving step by step from existing experiences and expert insights.

What sets TRACA apart is its commitment to fair compensation for climate organizations. The calculated GHG offsets translate directly into payments to these organizations, ensuring a direct and impactful financial flow. With TRACA, the uniqueness of each project and its multi-faceted contributions to more than one Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) elevate the price per ton of GHG. Consequently, TRACA opts for a strategic decision not to trade on open platforms, aiming to maintain the integrity and value of climate projects in a market that truly reflects their worth.

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